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These are extraordinary times, and our absolute priority is to ensure the health and safety of our customers and co-workers. As a precautionary measure against the ongoing risk of COVID-19, we have decided that, on Wednesdsy 25th March, we will temporarily close the Crazy Angel Web Store to customers.

We look forward to welcoming you back to our web store soon and we thank you for your understanding during these extraordinary circumstances.

The Salon Magazine

April 2011

The Salon Magazine

Crazy beautiful
Boasting natural extracts and paraben-free formulas, Crazy Angel’s line of sunless tanning products is a popular choice for savvy salon owners

Crazy Angel’s collection of professional tanning products helps clients achieve the perfect tan. The boutique brand’s tanning experts have developed products that create a beautiful finish through naturally derived DHA and erythrulose formulas without the use of alcohol, parabens or mineral oil. Instead, bearberry extracts soften and caress the skin while each product’s floral scent leaves the skin softly fragranced.


Crazy Angel Halo Polish Refine and scrub with Halo Polish to reveal fresh new skin Crazy Angel Wing Smoother When applied to dry areas such as elbows, knees, ankles and feet, this product prevents a build up of tan while moisturising the skin.Crazy Angel Lotion This self-tanning lotion, enriched with bearberry extracts and fresh floral fragrances, will achieve a deep and beautiful colour.Crazy Angel Professional Spray With a fast-drying, streak-free formula, Crazy Angel’s professional solution glides effortlessly onto the skin creating an instant bronze glow. Infused with bearberry extracts combined with naturally derived DHA and Erythrulose, the client’s skin will be left silky smooth with a deep and long lasting tan. Available in six, nine and 13 per cent DHA.

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