Crazy Angel Tanning Sprays are available in professional salons. Perfect for those first time angels looking to earn their wings with fast flawless results. The Crazy Angel Spray Tan Treatment is the quickest way to get a professional finish. The Crazy Angel Ambassador will create a fine mist that will tan and contour you body for a truly exceptional sleek finish. As all angels are unique Crazy Angel has formulated Take Me Higher Tan Intensifier Drops for the ability to personalise your tan.

Visiting one of our salons will guarantee you’ll have a perfect, long lasting and professional tan coupled with a luxurious pampering experience. As our products are formulated for salon professionals, you will get excellent results with a professional finish. Whilst allowing you to relax while you earn your wings. Ask in your local salon for a Crazy Angel tan.



Our self tanning lotion collection achieves a deep and beautiful colour. The Crazy Angel Lotions will help you achieve a rich and gorgeous glow. The naturally derived DHA and Erythrulose create a fabulous and long lasting bronze tan. Enriched with Bearberry extracts to nourish and hydrate skin, this is the ultimate tanning product.

The tinted lotion allows you ease of application therefore no more streaks or missed bits. You don’t need the patience of a saint for the development time, to ensure an even and long lasting tan. The light and fresh floral fragrance with a hint of fruit enhances the heavenly tanning treatment.



To coincide with receiving your wings Crazy Angel has a ritual to maintain your high flying glamorous look. By completing these steps on the stairway to heaven you will be rewarded with an impeccable tan.

In preparation for your sublime tan take a little time to scrub. Cleanse and purify with Halo Polish to create an immaculate base. The gentle beads will buff and polish away all impurities to guarantee a seamless application and a flawless bronze tan.

Once you have achieved a golden sunkissed look our Aftercare range is designed to protect and prolong your heavenly Crazy Angel tan. From a nutritive Smoothing Spray to a sumptuous Body Moisturiser, these products will care for your skin whilst ensuring you get the best from your tan.

Crazy Angel is a professional salon brand that is available to purchase in salons. It can also be bought in the Crazy Angel web shop.