GLOW Drops...As Seen In OK!

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Winter skin and the January blues getting to you? We feel you!

With January being 3 months long and the weather looking bleak, I think we can all agree we all deserve a bit of a GLOW up.

Enter – The Crazy Angel Tanning Drops.

The ultimate cure for dull complexions, these wonderful little drops will refresh & awaken your skin for the ultimate new year glow.

Filled with supercharged skincare ingredients. The Crazy Angel Tanning Drops are the ultimate lazy gal hack, packed with Vitamin C & E for an effortless, sun-kissed glow.

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But don’t just take our word for it; check out the latest issue of OK! for their low down on all things glow featuring our Crazy Angel Tanning Drops!

“Eeeek I've finally found a product that gives me that effortless glow! Naturally I am very pale. I've searched heaven above for a tanning product that doesn't give me an artificial orange look. This one has worked wonders. It's left me feeling amazing. I’ve had a lot of people say how healthy my skin was looking.”

Want to know how to apply our Tanning Drops and achieve a flawless finish? It’s simple!

-        Mix 1-10 drops into your favourite moisturiser or serum in the palm of your hands.

-        Apply evenly to your face and neck

-        Wait for your GLOW to develop in just 4-6 hours

You can use these every day & night as part of your routine or whenever your feel your complexion needs a bit of a boost. A totally tailor-made tan to suit your needs.

They are amazing to add to your body routine. Just add a few drops to your body butter for the most hydrating gradual tan! Again, apply every day or whenever you want a subtle GLOW!

Shop the best-selling tanning drops now and beat the January Blues!



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