Here at Crazy Angel we are passionate about glowing; inside & out. So we teamed up with our Glow Squad to create the ultimate glow session. Crazy Angel is all about feeling great & we know that mind & body go hand in hand to feel great. Our very own brand manager Caitlein shared the lowdown on all of the amazing skincare benefits of the Crazy Angel range & the importance of prepping the skin for a flawless glow. A top tip! The Tan Eraser is the ultimate way to create the perfect canvas & get rid of any previous tan - the only way to get an even glow.

We then heard from the hottest females (and sisters) to hit the wellness scene; Leanne & Amy Partridge of gut health probiotic brand Naked Biotics. Not only are they leading the gut health revolution but they are also Yoga teachers and own their very own Yoga studio. Another fun have more cells in your gut than in your brain so, if you are not giving your gut some serious TLC then now is the time to start!! Naked Biotics has newly launched in Selfridges so do check them out. Their favourite Crazy Angel product? "Hmm it’s a tricky one & a close first between the Gradual Tan & the Self-Tan Mousse of in doubt, always choose both we say!"

The Spiritual Guru and Crazy Angel fan Aysha Bell Wellness led us through an incredible positive ‘glow’ affirmation meditation, using her personally created affirmation cards whilst sipping on her delicious soothing tea. Aysha then shared her tips on how she, as a woman of colour, loves the Tanning Drops to perfectly even out her skin tone & give her a glow. Did you know mediation and positive affirmations can change the shape of your brain?

We were thrilled that such a great crowd joined us for the session – editors from Get The Gloss & Styletto. Our very own Angel @courtslaird, @makeupbymarcio, @fatimatruscott, @aanniethomas, & TikTokker @imonaugustto to name a few!


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