Self-Tanning Tips For Beginners

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Exfoliate at least 24 hours before applying your self-tan to remove any dead skin cells, leaving your skin soft and smooth. This will provide the perfect base for your tan, allowing it to apply more evenly.

We recommend our Body Polish, not only does this contain natural exfoliants that will buff away any dry skin, but it also has colour correcting properties that will cancel out any orange tones and uneven skin tone.

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Prep IT

This is one of the most essential tips we can give you! If you choose to remove your body hair, ensure you do it 24 hours prior to self-tan application. Waiting until just before applying can cause the tan to sink into open pores, resulting in an uneven finish.

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Remove any old self-tan residue. If you are a weekly tanner like ourselves, it is important that you remove any old self-tan that might be left on your skin. The Crazy Angel Tan Eraser is designed to gently and effectively remove tan to reveal a fresh base for the next application. It also contains Salicylic Acid that will provide gentle exfoliation to drier skin.

Don't Moisturise

When To Not Moisturise

This might sound unusual but DO NOT apply moisturiser or anything that could leave oil or residue on your skin prior to applying self-tan. Products such as deodorant and perfume can restrict your tan from adhering to the skin, resulting in a patchy finish.

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When To Moisturise

DO moisturise drier areas like your elbow, wrists and knees with the Crazy Angel Barrier Cream. This will create an invisible shield to protect these problem areas that are often prone to staining.

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Pick the perfect tanning product for your skin. We are all different and want different things from our self-tan. It is important that you choose the best shade for your skin tone, along with the perfect formula for your needs.

Applying Self-Tan

maintain your glow

Now that you have a flawless tan, you will want to keep your glow for as long as your can. We recommend patting yourself dry after showering rather than rubbing to ensure you are not removing any tan. Lightly exfoliate with the Crazy Angel Body Polish every 2-3 days and make sure you moisturise, moisturise, moisturise! Hydration is the key to a longer lasting glow.

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Topping Up

Don’t forget you can top up your glow with our Gradual Tan. This moisturising lotion with just a hint of our Prolong & Protect Tanning Agent is enriched with nourishing Shea Butter to help smooth the skin and leave you with a light, natural tan.


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