Tips & Tricks To Avoid Patchy Tan

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it's all about the prep

Exfoliating 24hrs prior to fake tanning is one of the best ways you can reduce any chances of your tan streaking as it removes dirt and any dead skin cells. Our ‘Crazy Angel Body Polish’ is perfect for giving you a smooth flawless base, ready for your tan application. You should also lightly exfoliate a few days after applying your fake tan to help keep on top of any dry stubborn areas where the tan is starting to gather.

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fill in the gaps

If you do find your tan has started to go streaky, exfoliate the area to remove the bits that are patchy and lightly reapply your fake tan to the area using our super soft ‘Crazy Angel Tanning Mitt’. Sometimes it’s easier to fill in the gaps than try to remove all your tan – just make sure you apply lightly and blend, blend, blend!


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