Top Picks From Our Angel

It's all in the prep

No tan is flawless without a bit of groundwork.

"Tan Eraser - Wow, what is this sorcery? My week old tan is literally gone within like 10 minutes of using this product - the easiest tan remover EVER!!"

barrier cream

"Barrier Cream - This stuff is crafted by the angels (excuse the pun). My tan would not be flawless without this insane product. Patchy hands? I think not - honestly this product ensures that my tan is flawless even on the drier areas."


"Tanning Drops - A GOD-send. Whenever I’m feeling a little pale in the face I use these drops with my moisturiser at night and wake up the next day all glowy and sun-kissed. What’s perfect about these is they are totally multifunctional – you can add them to any product for face & body and the supercharged skin loving ingredients will plump & hydrate your skin.”

Self tan mousse

"Clear Medium Mousse - Where would I be without this. My holy grail of all tans! The colour of this tan is honestly like no other - a summer glow without feeling too dark. The fact that the formula is clear is just an added bonus as it doesn’t transfer onto my bedsheets whilst developing overnight (my mum loves it for this reason too lol) or onto my clothes if I tan in the morning. The smell as well – oh my god – like no other tan I have used. Fresh & floral with no biscuit smell in sight.”

Tanning mitt

Achieve a streak-free glow every time with the Crazy Angel Tanning Mitt. This double-sided applicator mitt with a water-resistant barrier can be used with any of your favourite Crazy Angel tanning products to blend them into the skin for a flawless finish!

Blending brush

Take your tan to the next level with our Crazy Angel blending brush. Struggling with those hard to blend areas? With its super soft, smooth and densely packed vegan fibres, this self-tan Blending Brush is perfect for buffing in any of our Crazy Angel tanning products for an even application and effortless glow.
The brush can also be used to help shape and add definition to both face & body for an even, contoured look.


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