How To Properly Fake Tan Your Face


The day before applying your face tan we advise gently exfoliating the face with an oil-free scrub. Focus on areas that are particularly prone to dryness like the cheeks, nose, and jawline, this will help smooth the skin allowing for an even application.


On the day of applying your tan, it is important to properly wash your face removing any dirt, makeup, and excess oils! Once your face is clean, rinse with cold water to close the pores and reduce any redness that you may have from cleansing. Gently pat dry; try to avoid rubbing as this can irritate the skin.


Moisturising is a key step to ensuring your skin is well hydrated before the application but we don’t want to smother the entire face. Focus predominantly on areas that are prone to dryness like your nose, cheeks, temple area, and neck. Another important area to focus on is your hairline as tan can often gather here - make sure it’s well hydrated as this will result in a more seamless and flawless finish.

Top tip: try to avoid using an oil-based moisturiser as this will prevent your fake tan from developing properly.


When it comes to applying fake tan to your face we recommend using a blending brush like ourCrazy Angel Blending Brush as this is best for achieving that seamless streak-free glow! Add 1-10 drops of our Crazy Angel Tanning Drops to your favourite moisturiser or serum and work it into the skin in circular motions. Remember to apply it to the ears and neck for a more flawless finish. The number of drops you add will determine how deep the tan is so you can go as light or dark as you want, or gradually build up with each use.

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