Learn to spray the Crazy Angel way

At Crazy Angel we believe that having the right training is imperative to your success! Crazy Angel's Spray Tan Training Courses are conducted in a professional environment with an expert educator, to give you the knowledge and understanding you need to spray your way to new business opportunities.

The Crazy Angel Course covers the following:


Gain knowledge about the Crazy Angel range, the science behind the tan and all you need to know about health and safety.


You will learn how to set up, use and clean the Crazy Angel equipment.


The trainer will provide demonstrations on spray tanning techniques and on how to achieve best tanning results, for the perfect tan.


Gain hands on experience, perfect your technique and learn expert tips from the best in the industry.

Training Materials

Upon completion of the course you will receive a certificate and training manual to refresh your knowledge.

Marketing Training

Learn some tips and tricks on how to market your new tanning business across digital and social platforms

Business Oportunities

Take your new skills and knowledge and create a thriving business.