How To Remove Fake Tan


We know you’re going to love our first tan removal hack… soak it off in a long bubble bath! Hot water softens and dehydrates the skin, making your tan easier to rub away. A soak in the shower will do the same job, but who doesn’t love some relaxing me-time?


A tan eraser mousse is your new bestie when it comes to getting rid of worn-out tan. Our vegan-friendly Crazy Angel Tan Eraser is formulated with Aloe Vera and Salicylic Acid to gently exfoliate and prime for a totally flawless finish. This works by leaving it to soak into the skin and then gently using an exfoliator mitt or glove to wipe away your fake tan.


The key is to not be too aggressive when scrubbing away your fake tan as this can often irritate the skin leaving it red, itchy, and bumpy. It’s important to gently buff away with an exfoliating glove in circular motions, rinsing it off as you go. Our Crazy Angel Body Polish is great for assisting with stubborn dry areas like your hands and feet! Another tip when removing tan, specifically on your legs; is to shave, this is because a razor can help strip away the top layer of dead skin cells that fake tan usually sits on!


When your skin is looking smooth, fresh, and self tan free, a great tip is to rinse off in a cold shower. After exfoliating the skin can red, blotchy, and sometimes itchy so the cold water is great for closing your pores, reducing redness, and relieving any irritation. The water doesn’t have to be freezing, just as cold as you can bear!


Your final step - and definitely one of the most important - is to moisturise! After exfoliating and shaving your skin might feel quite tight and dry so it’s important to re-hydrate it with a nourishing moisturiser like our Crazy Angel Barrier Cream This is formulated with Coconut Oil; perfect for leaving the skin smooth and softening areas prone to staining like your knees, elbows, and ankles.

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