Your Guide To Gradual Tan


A gradual tanning lotion is not just for those looking for a natural finish, but it can work to help maintain and boost your self-tan, helping you to glow for longer.

This thick, moisturising lotion contains just a hint of our Prolong & Protect Tanning Agent and allows you to build up your self-tan until you have achieved your desired colour.

With Shea Butter for intense hydration (hello super soft skin) and Caffeine to firm (goodbye cellulite!), this gorgeous lotion is what dreams are made off!

Can you tell we are obsessed?


For those looking for just a natural glow, apply in the morning instead of your daily body butter and in 4-6 hours you will have fresh, sun kissed skin.

If you are looking for a deeper finish, we recommend applying for 2-3 days to build up a darker shade, continue to apply until you have the flawless tan of your dreams.

And for our deep, dark tan lovers, use on top of your newly applied self-tan for a tan that says ‘I am just back from a two-week trip in the Maldives’.

How to: Apply daily to the face and body until desired colour is achieved. Use circular motions when applying, skimming over elbows, knees and feet. Wash hands thoroughly after application.


Build up your most natural glow with this lightweight, moisturising lotion. Enriched with Shea Butter to smooth skin and Caffeine which is known to firm, our everyday Gradual Tan will help you to achieve a natural, streak-free finish.

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